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Visalia, CA Wedding | Highlights – Rainy Day Wedding {Dustin & Chelsea}

Thursday, December 30, 2010

In order to feature more weddings on my blog, I’ve decided to start doing highlights, they are easier to put together, short & sweet.  Here is the 1st. I’ve shot so much this year and have so much I’ve wanted to share, its been hard to make a production and publish them all!  Over this winter, I’ll be showcasing a lot of work from the last few months that did not make it on the blog as of yet.  So stay tuned for that!

Here we go…

Dustin & Chelsea, you guys are one of the sweetest homegrown, honest, genuine and madly in love couples I’ve worked with this year!  I love the simplicity of the day and how easy you were to capture.  Here are my fav 13 images from the day.  There were more, but this is what I’m posting here. Enjoy.

You might remember them from the shoot we did this spring, Dustin & Chelsea.  Their engagement shoot at  UCLA was quite dangerous with the riding of skateboards inside the school library.  Needless to say, this couple is bold and original.

Mike Larson Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

The proud look of a father who loves her daughter.  I’m going to be doing this someday.  I think I counted 25 people crying as they walked down the isle.

California Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

California Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

Chelsea works for Toms and they even posted a blog post on this!).  Her shoes are not going to be released until Spring of 2011 but she got a hookup for her wedding!

Toms Wedding Shoes Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

California Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

An hour before sunset the rain started to pour down, enough to get a rainbow and it cleared for a beautiful sunset!

Rainy Day wedding photography ©MikeLarsonInc

Orange Orchard Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

Reception Dancing Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

Ending the night, with dancing, I loved this frame of her proud father again dancing with his little girl.  The (flash) lighting was perfect and I loved how this turned out.

San Luis Obispo, CA Personal | Merry Christmas & thank you to everyone…

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Every year our wonderful team at Mike Larson, Inc has grown.  We are a tight-nit family and have grown so close to each other this year.  As the leader of the team, I’m proud of them.  They do most of the work that goes on in our studio and deserve most all of the credit.  We are part of a team that has a self policing (or self challenging) company culture of excellence, character, tenacity, drive, passion, and a desire to ensure all of our clients & colleagues we work with feel loved and served well.

This year marks the 9th year we’ve done work in San Luis Obispo, 13 years total of photography.  Even as the years pass, its encouraging and humbling to look back at our past work and to think how much we’ve grown since then only reminds us of how much more territory there is to explore, grow, and improve.  Even though we have a gratefulness for where we have arrived at the end of 2010 thanks to our wonderful clients, we maintain a contentedness for the amount of work we have been commissioned for, we also have a longing to push deeper in relationships with our clients and friends we work with.  So a big thank you to all of those who came along side us this year, assistants, drivers, second shooters, third shooters, all of our outsourcing team, we could not have done it without you.

A big thank you to Kiss wedding books, for enabling us to provide amazing books to our clients this year.  Thank you to Pictage for hosting our images and providing access to their family and friends. Thanks to ShootQ, who has enabled our entire team and clients to be paperless and hyper efficient, Without these core services, we would be unable to do what we do.

And to our team, Necia, thank you for all the amazing Albums you design, Jake for your sweet designs of our new blog and upcoming website, and the card you put together.  Sophie, for running all the production at amazing levels to serve all of our clients this year!  Chloe, who takes care of all our leads and inquiries coming in.  For Jamie who is our new stylist, and helping our clients to style themselves in our shoots!  Thank you to Stephanie & Samantha for assisting in the studio production.  Jeniene, for all the studio details you manage, you rock!  And thank you to my wife, Rachel who takes care of all the books and numbers.  You are the face of this team and this years card means so much more to me.  You all enable me to do what I do best, and to encourage other photographers and small businesspeople around the world as I travel and shoot, doing what I love.  Thank you to our studio assistants, Anna, Samantha & Stephanie as well! I’m nothing without you guys.  What a team. Thank you all for another amazing year!

I also want to thank the following AMAZING blogs for publishing some of the work we did this year.  Here are just a few of our favorite weddings that were published!

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MLI Christmas 2010 Front ©MikeLarsonInc

Our wonderful photographers are

Chloe, Sophie, Rachel, Jake and William.  You can click on their names to check out their blogs and recent work!

MLI Christmas 2010 Back ©MikeLarsonIncHair and makeup talents donated by the ever fantastic Queensbees and vintage hair piece from Loboheme and Tux and Tulle fitting the gentlemen with neck wear.

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Anthony & Allie }

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I can’t get enough of the sunrises in my life.  To me a sunrise is peaceful, quiet, and a new beginning.  Getting ahead of everyone else and watching the sun rise up as the warm rays hit your face.  Just after Thanksgiving this year we lucked out on a beautiful warm sunrise morning and Anthony & Ali drove up from LA and we headed up Madonna mountain to grab these shots.  Its a 40 minute hike up to the top, and as we had to start out with flashlights.  But it was a perfect time to connect as we hiked.  Did I mention I like to hike?  Anthony and Allie love the outdoors and thanks to Jamie our stylist, we came up with this for our shoot.  At the end we cruised down to the beach and grabbed some shots there as well.  Anthony & Allie are getting married at Dolphin Bay Resort later in 2011, a beautiful resort in Pismo Beach.  Enjoy these images!

Madonna Mountain engagement Shoot