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Meridian Vineyards Wedding | {Rick + Adrienne Highlights}

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I first connected with Rick & Adrienne back in 2009.  Rick was on the US Olympic water polo team and knows my cousin, and they played together in Athens.  What an interesting connection.  Rick & Adrienne Fresno natives, they chose MeridianVineyards, a venue I love shooting at.  A few months ago we captured their casual portrait session in the wine country region here on the central coast.  Rick is a bold guy, confident, and still 100% real with the girl he loves.  Adrienne, was always smiling and laid back.  Because of that, capturing them was really quite natural.  They were really relaxed in front of the camera during our exploring around while shooting that day long casual portrait session.  Its still one of my favorites I’ve shot recently because of how adventurous they are.  We went everywhere, and probably places we should not have, but we got amazing shots.  Despite shooting all day, they were easy to work with and loved the entire process.

Getting to know how they interacted was very important, since during their wedding day, we had only minutes to capture their portrait session outside, during the best light of the day, sunset.  As most weddings go fast for each couple, and I remember Rick saying, “wow, I can’t believe the reception is halfway done!”.  Thus we had 15 minutes for them to get lost in the vineyards alone, to just enjoy each other for a few minutes.  Since their wedding was inside the barrel room at Meridian, enjoying the warm sunset was a treat for them, and me.  I just followed them from a distance and here’s what we got.
Meridia Vineyards Winery Sunset Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonIncMeridia Vineyards Winery Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Meridia Vineyards Winery Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

Meridia Vineyards Winery Sunset Wedding Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

I chose this shot because I think it tells so much about Rick.  He is the kind of person who is always happy, but his facial expressions speak specifically what he is thinking, unmistakably.  Congrats on marrying the love of your life.  I can’t wait to see the amazing family you guys have someday. I’m sure they will all be beautiful smiling people.

Meridia Vineyards Winery Wedding Photographer ©MikeLarsonInc
Meridia Vineyards Winery Wedding Photographer ©MikeLarsonInc

Rick & Adrienne, congrats on life, and never stop loving…

Santa Barbara Engagement Shoot | Doug & Elizabeth

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet Doug, I’d consider him a bold, friendly, and very much in love with his wife.  Not only that but he has the coolest, most clean looking Cherry red, smooth finished authentic sounding 1967 Cherry Red Mustang Convertible.  What a sweet car!  The perfect car to take his Elizabeth on a date.  Elizabeth is a perfect match.  She is sweet, always smiling and loves to have fun.  I enjoyed following them around Santa Barbara as they went on a date.  They are big ice cream lovers, so they headed and got some of their toppings.  Sometimes, toppings can tell a lot about a person. Cruising down state street and then up to the top of East Camino Cielo, a beautiful drive for those who love open roads and beautiful views.  Its always empty up there and yet the views are spectacular, you can see all of the channel islands and into the central coast mountain range, which has peaks that are up to 7,000 in elevation.  The Sierra Nevada isn’t’ the only range in the state.  Driving past all the various vegetation on a warm day brings out the difference scents and smells.  The higher we went, the warmer it got as the subversion air layer from the valley swept over the ridge and made it an amazing afternoon.  Wine aficionados they were, and as the day ended, they chilled on the top of the warm hood of their car and watched the last bit of the sunset going down.  You know those warm evenings where the air seems to still have the warmth of the sun long into the dusk hour?  Yea this was that kind of night.

Santa Barbara Portraits Lifestyle Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Portraits Lifestyle Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Portraits Lifestyle Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Portraits Lifestyle Photograps ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Engagement Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Mustang Engagement Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Mustang Engagement Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Engagement Photography ©MikeLarsonInc Santa Barbara Engagement Lifestyle Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

Sydney, Australia Engagement Shoot | Dave & Tara

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love the southern hemisphere.  Warm water, the smell of salt on your skin when you get out of the warm tropical water that seems to melt as it rolls off your skin.  Recently I was invited to capture a sweet surfing couple who live and got married just north of Sydney in a little beach town called Dee Why.  I had been there in 2004, and its a very beautiful place.

Back up a few years, and when I met Tara, who is a sponsored surfer with Roxy and I was shooting her out in the north shore of Oahu with my good buddy Jim Russi.  This was in 2003.  Shortly thereafter I took a trip out there and did a surf trip with the whole crew and that blew my mind. So 6 years later when she called and asked me to capture the wedding, I was honored!  Soon thereafter,  I met Dave, a working professional, and what a legend he is. A true gentleman and a surfer himself.  We all fit together real swell.  We had a great time surfing together, getting out during the dawn morning surf sessions watching the sun hit the top of the water, and change the water from dark blue, to a bright aqua.  If anyone wants to do another shoot like this locally here in Cali, let me know. I’m all about these shoots!

Sydeny Austrailia Surfing Portraits ©MikeLarsonIncSydeny Austrailia Surfing Portraits ©MikeLarsonInc

This is where things get fun. I love to get in the water and shoot.  I used to shoot surfing back in the day, following the ASP surf tour.  Shooting for the surf companies, and working on their lifestyle clothing shoots.  Normally I shoot with a water housing, but I wasn’t able to travel this time with all that gear, so I risked it and swam in the lagoon as they paddled out in the smaller reform wave section.  Either way, this is what we got.  The current was super strong, so it was a paddle battle keeping up together.

Sydeny Austrailia Surfing Engagement Portraits ©MikeLarsonInc Sydeny Austrailia Surfing Engagement Portraits ©MikeLarsonInc Sydeny Austrailia Surfing Engagement Portraits ©MikeLarsonIncSydeny Austrailia Surfing Engagement Photographs ©MikeLarsonIncSydeny Austrailia Beach Engagement Photographs ©MikeLarsonIncSydeny Austrailia Beach Engagement Photographs ©MikeLarsonIncSydeny Austrailia Beach Engagement Portraits ©MikeLarsonIncSydeny Austrailia Beach Engagement Sunset Portraits ©MikeLarsonInc Sydeny Austrailia Romantic Beach Engagement Portraits ©MikeLarsonInc Sydeny Austrailia Romantic Engagement Photography ©MikeLarsonIncYes, we did wrap up our shoot in the streets of downtown Sydney, getting honked and yelled at, but we ended up with this shot.  Tara was a bit nervous at first, but Dave convinced her and after a few tries, she was just as excited.  This shot took 4 tries to get, since the light cycle was only 30 seconds long.  We had a three light setup and 2 guys helping me move the lights into the street while one light was on a simple light stand. I wanted to just experiment at something crazy and by the time we ended it was midnight.  A full day of coffee shops of planning the shoots, shooting, dinner and then our night time city shots.  The whole day was super fun.  After a day with a couple, you really get to know them.  This makes such a difference in the depth of the relationship, allowing me to capture why they love each other.  Thanks guys!Sydeny Austrailia Surfers Photography ©MikeLarsonInc