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Wedding | Vines, grapes & brides

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring is finally here and the vines are beginning to show life. My favorite season is warm days. And there are a lot of them coming up! I’m looking forward to this year.

As I was going through my images to select my favorite ones for my new 2011 portfolio I found this image from a few months ago and had to post it.

Los Angeles Portrait | Justine & Gary

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recently in Southern California I shot a casual portrait session of Justine & Gary.  Justine is a great photographer who shoots families, weddings & maternity.  Gary is a creative who I would say is confident, bold and fun.  Justine is also a creative who is spontaneous, smart and loves to have a good time.  Capturing who they are was a pleasure.  My favorite thing about working with smiling people is that I can’t stop smiling myself.  You know when your face hurts because you’ve been smiling a lot.  Well this was that kind of shoot :).

California Central Coast Engagement Shoot, Vendor Spotlight | Jake + Necia

Monday, March 7, 2011

One  of our favorite couples are Jake & Necia, and yes they are an amazing part of our team. Necia does our wonderful album designs & Jake’s stunning photography blog is here. Lately, he keeps getting featured on wedding blogs.  Here is one of his last posts on the Hochzeitswahn, a top notch German/European Wedding Blog!  I’m so proud of this couple. Which is why we wanted to do a shoot together, they are always fun to capture, full of life.

Jake has been working as part of our team since 2006, he shot his first wedding as an associate lead shooter in 2007.  Since then he has shot probably close to 100 weddings both with me, and most of the rest on his own as lead.  His beautiful wife is his teammate and they rock it out with their couples.  Jake is a very talented graphic artist and loves working with the couples that are in love with graphic design elements.  Its been great to see his couples connect with them.  Jake has a very charming and happy personality and Necia is full of even more smiles & love.  They love to cook (which we do too), play intellectual board games(that make you think) and live in the outdoors.  Over the years we’ve gotten to travel with them and grow closer and a year and a half ago, shoot their beautiful wedding.  Last year Jake got to shoot his 1st international wedding in Switzerland and that was pretty cool.

So we headed out and captured some of these shots in the hills of the beautiful central coast.  Later, ending things, they played a little bocce ball.  Who doesn’t love games on grass on a warm sunny day! Enjoy this & get out there and explore your world on the next sunny day you have :)

Exploring California Central Coast ©MikeLarsonInc Exploring California Central Coast ©MikeLarsonInc California Central Coast Photography ©MikeLarsonInc California Central Coast Photography ©MikeLarsonInc

California Central Coast Bocce Ball ©MikeLarsonIncCalifornia Central Coast Bocce Ball ©MikeLarsonInc