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San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | Fletcher & Danica

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recently I shot Fletcher & Danica on a beautiful warm spring day in San Luis Obispo, where they are getting married later this fall.  I am in love with this shoot and adore this sweet couple.  We had a great night at dinner downtown after our shoot exploring what they are passionate about in life.  They wanted to start their day off in a bookstore since they are bookworms.  Danica & Fletcher are the type of people who are smiling even when they are not smiling.  When they hang out together they give off this youthful & free vibe that makes them approachable and enjoyable to converse with.  Root beer is one of their favorite food groups and was a must to include on the shoot as well.  I think this shoot really shows how playful and fun they are.  I can’t wait for their wedding!

San Luis Obispo Pheonix books

Boulder Colorado Engagement Shoot, Portfolio | Chase + Jaime

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chase & Jaime are a down to earth couple.  They love exploring this earth as well.  So when they asked to head up into the mountains above Colorado for a backcountry camping shoot I was all in.  We’ve been planning this shoot for a few weeks now and it was actually my 1st time to Boulder.  They love coffee shops and so that was a perfect place to start.  Jaime loves reading, and thats fitting since she’s a teacher, so this coffeeshop was connected to a bookstore next door.  They are both wedding photographers as well from the midwest.

Later we headed up to the 8,000 feet and found a peaceful patch of woods to explore.  They set up camp and had a relaxing afternoon & evening. We shot until the sun’s warmth left and nightfall became.  Today was a fun day!

Chase & Jaime are getting married later this year at a vineyard in Virginia.  I can’t wait to share that story in early summer.