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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweet Summer Afternoon

One of my favorite things is when the couples we work with have a passion and incorporate their style in their portaits. Pete & Maria have exactly that. Pete love to restore old trucks. Maria Loves Pete. She has such character, it was easy to photograph them. We had a great time yesterday shooting around Nipomo for 3 hours at the ranch. What seemed more like 45 minutes, the time flew by as we photographed them riding around in their '57 Chevy. Thanks guys for the fun afternoon. Closing the night with some sushi and great conversation about our lives. Their wedding is coming up this fall at Firestone Winery, at the pull Barn. I love shooting there. So here are some of the favorites, I wanted to put up all 20, but you will just have to ask Pete for the keyword to see them! Enjoy!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Me shooting...

I just got an email from a buddy who found an image from WPPI this year at Ballys in Las Vegas. (Vegas on the strip is overload and once you get out of the town, its just like any other city) Well, The rooftop shoot we did on Wednesday at the Platinum Hotel with BLR Life Photography was a blast, there was about 100 photographers there at one time or another during the 2 hour shoot & talk. We had some brand new Vera Wang Vera Wang Dresses, and this shot is was taken by Michael Steelman. Thanks Mike for the shot!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yosemite E-session.

One of our favorite couples, Mason & Adriana, took monday off last week and we all drove up to Yosemite National Park to photograph them having fun for a couple of hours. We had a blast shooting around the Valley. Its bursting with green and color. One of the things that we do with our couples that makes these sessions especially fun is that we just hang out for a little bit before we even start shooting. Then, we always start off with some kind of mellow far off shots & angles that lets them relax. Then we do action shots, not to many posed settings, I will give them a direction, setting the scene, and let them go for an alloted amount of time. So here are my top 11 shost from the couple of thousand that we took!!! Thanks to Shawn Reeder for his help relfecting and assisting us.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Travel & Editing

Its been a crazy 2 weeks since we have been back from Italy and Chicago, 30,000 images later and I am all of a sudden backed up on editing, 3 weddings, and almost 10 other shoots, but that is a great thing, lots of shooting, little office time and lots of fun travel, especially with my wife, I LOVE this so much better, It helps me shoot better, my life is better and I get to spend more time with my clients, friends and family, most of all my Wife. So in the next week, I will be posting a LOT of images from the past days of shooting, some of my favs, from cutting my hand on the camera toss, with video of another toss, to yosemite e-shoots, and the always great wedding highlights. See you tomorrow, have a great memorial day weekend and get out of the office, I am out for the weekend....

Saturday, May 26, 2007

San Francisco...

I met up with my buddy Garrett Burdick who owns GB photographers and has an amazingly cool location scout companyBirdman with over 500,000 locations logged digitally. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are just some of his clients. The image was shot thanks to Laura who owns a great album design company. We all had breakfast and talked about the wedding photography industry, where its going, the trends and how much of a blessing it is to be a photographer. Thanks for breakfast Garrett!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

WPPI wrap up article on Mike Larson's "Step It Up Seminar Series"

The Shoot that I did with Brittany Hanson of BLR Photo on top of the Casino In Nevada during WPPI, this year in March, was showcased by WPPI-ONLINE! . Click on the link or the photo to read the story online!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yosemite Vacation + Shooting

We just got back from one of my favorite places in the world. Yosemite National Park. Here are just a few of the places we went. I have been to yosemite more than 35 times in my life, during every season, and its so amazing how the park changes, and how much there is to do there. From hiking, to snowshowing, camping, fine dining at the historic Ahwahnee Hotel, to rafting, climbing, bbq, laying out on the river beaches, Its a majestic place that is a tradition in our family to spend a lot of time there. Peaceful for a family and rugged enough for the enthusiast, yet romatic for a couple. There is a chapel in yosemite and they have weddings up there that are amazing, year round. I am going to post tomorrow photos from the engagement session and the "day after shoot we did". I highly recommend that you travel to yosemite and spend some time at this park.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Meet Comron & Vanida...

This wedding on Sunday in Clovis was amazing. The culture mix was great. Everyone had a blast and it was a blessing to shoot. Comron and I went to College together and went around the state on camping trips back in the day. Thank you guys for having us, it was so fun to be a part of your day.

Jewel, an amazing flower girl, is my newest assistant to the Mike Larson Photography, Inc. Team

Its getting crazy, the groomsmen waited all day for me to throw the camera up in the air, its fast becoming an expected trademark shot. I nailed it in the 2nd shot, but the sharp lens hurt my hand a little when it came down, but thats the battle wounds of the great shots that makes it worth it. Plus the Groom thought it was great, and thats all that matters...


Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuscan Wedding, Siena Italy...

Ok, so many people have been asking, and I finally got home after 2 weeks of travels, 17,000 miles and countless hotels. It was a GREAT trip and every part of it was a blessing, thanks to my amazing wife who makes travel so grand. Here is the highlights from the wedding we did.

Meet Christy & JP, they are a beautiful couple who live in San Diego and honored us by inviting us to photograph their amazing wedding. Located in the wine country, in the Tuscan region. We stayed at an amazing winery called Villa Catignano. The best way to describe this area is Renaissance meets Napa Valley.. Every part of the week we were there was enchanting and I felt like i was back in 1700's (but with a camera). It was a blessing to capture this amazing week, so much went on. The people, family, the emotion, the stories that were hidden in the hearts and conversations that happened during the day.

Documenting the whole story was such a treat. Everything was timeless, the food was luxurious and amazing, the music was elegant. The pride and legacy of the family shown through the faces of the parents were beaming out for the whole group to see. There were about 60 guests attending and stayin at the villa. Here are some of my fav's plus a little show it slide show...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Last Friday my buddy Mike Colon asked me to help him out at a wedding, I have been inspired by this guy and thought I had seen it all, but last friday, showing his Super Ninja form, he was in style and in perfect form. In all my years, i have never seen a photographer with such amazing moves, and amazing results, This is truly a revolutionary style.

I was honored to shoot with him, (Thanks for having me Mike, I had a smashing great time!), and got to thinking; so this inspired me to post this shot from a wedding last month. First is my shot, then Rachel shot this one of me in action. Crazy, its taken me a few months to perfect this toss, but it gets amazing results...

For the record:

Mike catching the camera: 16
Ground catching the camera: 0 (lets hope i keep it that way!..)
Cost of Camera and lens if dropped: $4,500 (1d mk2 + 15mm fisheye)
Cost of getting the shot of the bridal party surpised: Priceless

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love is a Choice

There is a new website that is growing. Its a resource for engaged and married couples to get equipped,
encouraged, and built-up to have a better marriage through the testimony
of others, presented by way of real-life stories and video
testimonies where people can connect with the couples who are

The hope is that this will create, over time, a network of
sharing the positive effect of learning from other's mistakes, and
how they ultimately succeeded. The hope is that lives would be
touched and healed by others who are walking testimonies of thriving
relationships, as well as some of the pitfalls to avoid, and some of
the ways other couples keep the romance alive; there will be stories
of how some couples avoided divorce, along with many other issues
that relationships today face.

So visit the site by clicking here or on the picture above and share your story
and pass along to a friend.

The official Launch of the complete site is scheduled for fall of 2007.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Winner of Mentor Session

At the Pictage Partner con in Chicago, I announced that I was going to gave away a Mentor Session and Now I am announcing the session winner. The winner was chosen randomly by my wife Rachel.

The winner is: Doves Photography. Congratulations!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amal B Bridal Fashion - Venice, Italy

The Fabulous Amal of Beverly Hills, designed this dress and we shot it in Venice. I think we spend over 3 hours, I could have shot for 2 days. Thanks to my beautiful wife, Rachel, modeled this dress. You can bet I am coming back to this city as soon as I can, with more to shoot!

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Friday, May 11, 2007


Here are some shots of friends that didnt make it on to our blog posting from the last week,
My Romantic Dinner with my wife on the Canals in Venice, SOO amazing and the food was great!

Here is Rachel sharing our Crepe, I had the Gelato, and we traded, it was a PERFECT desert to finish off out stay in Italy.

Here is my buddies coffee shop, Uptown Espresso. He loves it when we photograph his cups all over the world, inside the coffee shop, they showcase photos from around the world with his cups. Its pretty cool.

I was caught red HANDED eating a wonderful deep dish Chicago style, pizza talking to David Jay when Kenny Kim swung by and we got a mug shot of us, during Pictage's Partner con.

Kenny was sooo good to treat us to dinner for Rachels Birthday at his fav Sushi Restaurant in Chicago, downtown. Later on our way home passing miracle mile (shopping heaven) its a good thing it was late and the stores were closed! Here is the dinner photo with Priscilla and Blake. Meiji's has amazingly good sushi!

ok, well sushi may not be a friend Personally, its a friendly food to eat with friends, and darn good too!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

My friend got Engaged in MAIU!

Dane Streeter, my buddy who has an amazing business helping people with their finances over at
So congrats to dane, and here is a photo of Dane and his new fiance Krisin in Maui.

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New York City

New York, New York. For Rachel this was her 1st time, so we spent an extra little bit of time touring parts of the city and I showed her around, Our place is on the upper west side, 1 block from Central Park, which is So beautiful, youd forget you were in a city. We went for a morning run.

Taking the subway express #2 all the way to Park st. so we could check out the progress of the Freedom Tower, where Ground Zero was. Its crazy to think that the building imploded here.

Then we Took the Ferry to Stanton Island so we could get a view of the Skyline. The weather today is so beautiful.

As we leave the city, with mothers day filling up all the flights, and bad weather across the country canceling the rest, our flights on US airways got canceled. So after praying right at the counter and being very kind to the Representative, Gill, he booked us on an American Airlines flight, and even though we had to wait in lines for 2 hours, we were glad to catch the last flight out of NYC for LAX and make it back in time to help a buddy shoot a wedding on friday in so cal. You gotta love those non stop flights coast to coast. Here is our paper airline to airline ticket voucher.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

2007 Pictage Parter Conference : Chicago

Thanks to Pictage, I was honored to be chosen to speak in Chicago for the 3nd Annual Pictage Partner Conference. This was a great time of break out seminars and haning out with friends and collegues, as well as making new friends from around the country. We flew straight from Italy into the conference. The Fabulous list of Speakers are as follows:

Mike Colon , Denis Reggie , David Jay , Carlos Baez , Jefferson Todd , Pepper Nix & Mitchel Burt , Nathan & Amber Holritz , Liana Lehman , Me Ra Koh , Robert T Williams , Bob Davis, Robert Evans , Michael & Anna Costa , Sara France , Brody Dezember, Davide Greene , Millie Holloman , Millie Holloman , Millie Holloman , David Salomone , David Salomone , Jared Bauman

Thanks to David Jay for taking the photo of Rachel and me.

Here are the Fabulous Lacour team with Rachel & I, at the end of the session, they have an awesome program called Shoot-Q. which is in the beta phase, but, already i Highly reccomend it for photographers to help organize their workflow systems. In the end, its all about saving time.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Venice, Italy

Venice is my new Favorite International Town, Once the richest town in the world in the 1500-1600's (if my history is right) they spend a fortune to transform a little sand bar into a skyscraper(high in thse days) town. There is SO much amazing history there and the architecture, textures, colors, and style is all of its own. We only were able to see 1/6 of it in the one & 1/2 days we were there, and I wish we had more time, but, here are some of the top favorite photos, to give you an idea of what it was like. So it will be the 1st place we spend time in next time we are in Italy. I do have many more images to put up from Italy, so come back soon...

These first 5 shots are from a Gondola Ride, This is one of those things you dont miss when you visit Venice.

Here is the View from the Rialto bridge, one of the most famous bridges in Venice over the main water ways.

Birds Eye view from Sam Marco Square looking North over the Island.

We happened upon a wedding In San Marcos Square, they were walking to the courtyard where the orchestra plays. There you can sit and eat, many people have a glass of wine and listen to the orchestra play Italian Classic Music. It's worth the cover charge!

Passing by view of a typical cafe in Italy.

A typical side street in Venice, these are great because there are ususally no people on them, and you can check out the architecture, windows, old school doors, and here vines growing over the walkway.

Riding a Gondola down the canals on an evening is such a peaceful and romantic experience. You can get lost in the maze of waterways.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Venice Fashion

I LOVE shooting in Venice, its so beautiful and there are SO many places and different backgrounds, lighting situations and a variety of color and textures. So we shot this morning early Amal B of Beverly Hills Dresses again, and i will post more later, but we are spending more time in the city before we leave for Rome. So here is one of my fav shots from our dawn session.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rome to Sienna

Today we checked out the Coliseum and the Old Roman Baths. after a day of eating, walking we were anxious to get to Tuscany. So tonight we traveled from Rome to Siena. We had to get up here for the reharsal dinner. This place is like Napa Valley area, but has a history that makes it even more amazing! I will be posting photos very soon. Italy has so far Zero wireless internet places we have been able to go to.

Here is a roman street.

The Amazing Coliseum. The beauty is in the partial destructive state. Its still standing, i know a lot of 200 year old houses that are not standing anymore. this thing is incredible and the history behind it is captivating.

Siena skyline, during a rainy afternoon. A typical Tuscan day.

Tranquil countryside.

Here is a view from our Villa

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


We are currently in Italy and spending a few days seeing the beautiful country before our wedding on the 3rd in Siena. We are absolutly stoked about being here! Stay tuned for more photos. My baggage is still in SFO, so i dont have my power adapter, and i am conserving power on my laptop, today is a holiday and all stores are closed. I will be posting some of our amazing photos from this incredible country soon.

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