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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kayaking and fishing

So we didn't do the Big Sur kayaking trip, it was postponed due to
weather and big swells. But we did get out and do a bit of paddling
and fishing. My buddy and I caught 6 fish and kept 3. Fish tacos for
Dinner tonight. Fresh fish are so good!

Pacific Serenity

Kayaking and fishing...

So our big sur kayaking trip didn't go as planned due to weather and
swells. But we did get a little bit of paddling and fishing in.
Caught 6, kept 3. Fish tacos with fresh fish tonight!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Musician Spotlight - Dominic Balli

Ok, so this guys is insane. One of my favorite artists, he is up and coming very fast, according to itunes, he is one of the most popular downloaded reggae bands, but its not just reggae, His lyrics, and his delivery has a bit of modern rock and some serious soul. I love it when this kind of talent meets passion and his lyrics are so positive and uplifting. This guy has spent a lot of his last few years being the worship leader out at Calvary Chapel Reality Carpenteria. So check out his music, if you love it, buy it. Its groovy. I give it a 10 out of 10. You can listen to his music right online...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cameron & Monica "Day After Session"

I LoVe these, in the morning, after their wedding, we went out to a beach spot a few miles down the road and round some sweet scenes. I love taking the time to be creative during these sessions. Most of the time, these inspire me so much, since there is no pressure of time, and we just get to have fun with the couple we are working with. Cameron & Monica had not a care in the world, but leaving for their honeymoon.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

KISS one day work shop!

Hey everyone! This is anna joy guest blogging for Mike (he's my super cool bro in law). we just wrapped up the kiss wedding book one day work shop. kiss books are so awesome! check out their website,! anyway, heres a few pictures of the day...

All these shots are straight out of the camera, NO editing, NO photoshop.

this shot is with a 50 1.2 lens, 1/13th shutter speed, and an ISO of 800, mike panned to get the shot shooting 8frames per second...

this shot was shot with the reflection in the tv, same 50 1.2 lens, 1/600th shutter speed, and an ISO of 800, with a Sunpak 20 camera light above the model, in the middle of the camera and her face.

Same shot, but shutter speed was 1/50th using ambient light.

this shot was using a california sunbounce reflector , 50 1.2 lens, 1/1000th shutter speed, and an ISO of 100 roughly

This was back indoors, and the shot was of her leaning on her arm on a couch, showing how you can use foreshadowing to reduce the distractions of the foreground.

Mike teaching everyone outside if KISS studio showroom...


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Aaron and Drea

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cameron & Monica

Cameron & Monica got married last weekend up at Ragged Point in Big Sur. Immediately, when we were asked, I was stoked, cause our friends Korey & Christina who we just put on our site were friends so we knew them from the bridal party of their wedding. The whole family was so sweet. It was an honor to be there. I love what I do so much and its such a blessing to be such an integral part of someone's wedding. They were so sweet and gave Rachel & I a sweetheart table to sit at. Monica's Grandmother was another hit of the day. This 94 year old was dancing more than any of the girls out there, and there were a LOT of people dancing. I really enjoyed this day and was blessed to be a part of it. Everything went off smooth and Afterwards we did a "day after session" check for those images to be posted later this week!

On the technical side, I hit a personal record shooting with Rachel and I alone. We collectively shot 11,251 images. I was using a 35mm 1.4 lens, a new favorite lens of mine. I am loving these prime lenses. You zoom with your feet. but the large glass of the lens is totally worth the high cost of the lens. The lens make SUCH a difference. If I could only have 2 lenses in the world to shoot with, I'd shoot with the 85 1.2 and 35 1.4!

Have fun in Bali guys!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kiss Wedding Books Seminar Availablilty

Hello, KISSers!

Since we filled up our Get Simple workshop coming up on August 25th in literally less than 120 seconds, Mike, Shaun, and I were looking for a way to let a few more people in on the action. We were planning on heading out to various cities on Tuesday, the 26th, but decided we could sneak some time in the am. So, here's what we're offering:

1to1 half-hour sessions with either Mike, Shaun, or me (Kevin!). We can review your portfolio, your business plan, your album designs--whatever you like--and give personal, honest opinions, advice, and suggestions.

Mike Larson's Website
Kevin Swan's Website
Shaun Austin's Website

The cost will be $45. There are 8 time-slots per person and 24 slots total, so they will likely fill up fast. You can buy up to 2 slots (we want to keep it open for as many folks as possible!) I will deal with orders first-come, first serve in email. Send your request for slot and photographer to I will contact you via email to finalize the order and help select your slot/photographer. Payment must be made in advance to secure your slot. I'll take payments via credit card. If you can't pay when I contact you, I will have to move onto the next email one at a time until everything is booked.

The slots are:

Tuesday, August 26th:
08:30 am
09:00 am
09:30 am
10:00 am
10:30 am
11:00 am
11:30 am
12:00 pm

The location will be at the KISS Wedding Book production facility (same place as the Get Simple Seminar):
KISS Wedding Books
1322 East Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton CA 92831

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sanitarium Spa Wedding Shoot { Tim & Kelly }

My buddies got married last week and I am so blessed to have been shooting it. They got married and had their reception at the Dallidet Adobe Gardens. Very beautiful. We almost had our wedding reception there three years ago. We ended up spending some time at the Amazing Sanitarium Spa in Downtown SLO. This place is a beautiful restored bed & breakfast where we were able to get in and shoot. I LOVE it there, if your in town, its the place to stay, they even make you a breakfast in the morning. For the same price you'd pay for a hotel, This is a Steal! (I know I sound like frommers or lonely planet). Thanks Tim & Kelly. I can't wait for your release party tomorrow night!

Sanitarium Spa Wedding Photography

Sanitarium Spa Wedding Photography

I love it when couples are having fun and get a little bit goofy. Their personalities come out. This shower scene was really funny. I LOVE breaking away from the traditional and doing something nobody has done before.

Sanitarium Spa Wedding Shoot

Sanitarium Spa Wedding Photographer

Linneas Wedding Photography

I thought the textures on the wall rocked. Thank you Linneas!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Good morning it's Monday

After a weekend up at Ragged point resort in Big Sur, shooting a
wedding, Rachel and I spent the rest of the time hanging out, surfing,
beaching it up and we camped the last night at one of our favorite
campgrounds; plaskett creek campground. It's absolutley beautiful if
you have never been you can see the ocean from the door of our tent.
What a way to start a Monday. I hope yours is as good as mine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New website Images (Part 1)

Its always too long in between updates, but this is part 1 of 2. I updated all the Casual portraits, and I am super amped to let the world see them. Check em out!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Steve & Stef

This is one of my newest favorite couples. Rachel and I had the honor of photographing this couple. Steve is studying to be a pastor, and he is the most down to earth guy. He's not afriad to be real and to laugh. But then he really is interested in you and talks about "real" and important topics. There needs to be more pastors like this. Stephanie is an actress. What a combination. She is starring in an upcoming film called Billy Graham: the early years. I love how passionate and sincere she is about life. As a couple they love to surf, spearfish, eat fish, and cook. And playing games as well. Next time we have a nertz game scheduled with you guys! This is the kind of couple who is refreshing to be around. So you can imagine how original and fun their shoot was. We ended the sweet day of shooting with cooking dinner. Steve taught us how to make homeade pasta. Mmm. They made a sweet Italian meal and we went home full, and with good times..

This shot was an accident, but i love how timeless it looks.
Engagement Shoot, lifestyle portraiture, Accidental shot at the beach

Engagement Shoot, lifestyle portraiture of the couple being silly, legs at the beach

I always love it when the shoots get silly. People are real and themsevles when they are silly. I'm silly, even when i shoot sometimes. Trust me, Rachel knows I have a part time job making her laugh. Both Steve & Steph were having a great time making each other laugh. I believe this is what they will most want to see later in their photos, is the simplicity and fun of their relationship. I think this session really tells it all...
Engagement Shoot, Silliness

Engagement Shoot, Silly lifestyle portraiture using differences in perspective, Small groom, giant bride

Below here, this is classic, i love their creativity and how they brought out their favorite things in life.
Engagement Shoot, Lifestyle portraiture at the beach of some of their favorite things

Engagement Shoot, A lifestyle portrait of the couple on walk at the beach

Engagement Shoot, Running at the beach at sunset holding hands

Engagement Shoot,

Engagement Shoot, Lifestyle photo of couple walking at the beach, holding hands

Below: This last shot was pretty hard to do, it was pretty much dark out, too dark to read even, but we made it work. With Pepperdine in the background, and a perfect picnic setting, the shot came out sweet.

my settings were Aperture:F1.2, Shutter Speed:1/20th, ISO 1600, hand held with a 50mm 1.2 lens. It took many shots to get this one. but i got it to work, I had to focus manually and braket the focal distance, cause i pretty much could not see through the lens it was so dark.
Engagement Shoot, An F1.2 Aperature was used to get this lifestyle photo of the couple picnicking at the park near Pepperdine

Engagement Shoot, A Shutter Speed of 1/20th was used to get this lifestyle photo of the couple making pasta in their kitchen

Engagement Shoot, A manual focus was used to get this lifestyle photo of the couple making pasta in their kitchen

Engagement Shoot, A fair share of bruschetta made by Steve & Steph

I think i ate more than my fair share of these bruchetta. Nice job Steve & Steph. Can't wait till next time we hang out and the wedding!

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Date for Step it up Seminar

October 6 & 7th 2008 (the day before my birthday)

"Two full days of our knowledge, experience, passion, desire for perfection, portfolio expanding shoots, and everything you need to "start from nothing" or master your craft."

Ok so we finally have some new dates for our upcoming seminar in Las Vegas Nevada. We are going to be doing some sweet desert shoots, bridal fashion and pushing the edge on how to shoot engagement sessions that are simple, diverse and progressive. For photographer who are looking to build their portfolio and learn how to create a better and more fun experience for their couples, this will teach you how we build up, edify, and serve our couples. "Its all about your character while you shoot". Brittany and I am passionate about being able to provide this workshops so that you can learn the essentials about how to run your business better, shoot right the 1st time, and to run your business so you don't get burned out, but have time to serve your clients in the best way possible and have fun while doing it. There is so much we'll cover.

Here are some more details:
Main goals: Shoot right the 1st time. Get portfolio shots for your marketing, real advice from our experiences to help you develop your business in specific ways. How Albums have helped get us "In" with venues and how every client having an album is such an undervalued asset. Develop a Marketing strategy, How to sell, how to develop the leader and character in you, How to be fulfilled from happy clients, How to not burn out, and how to have a freedom that owning your own business can bring.

Day 1:
AM session: Mike
PM session: Britt
PM Shoot: An amazing extended E-session

Day 2
AM session: Britt
PM session: Mike
PM Shoot: Bridal Fashion Session

Some of the Sessions we will cover

The Premier Experience, Relationships & Leadership while shooting, Shooting right the 1st time: (spend more time engaging and less time fixing)

If you know you want to come, you can sign up below...
otherwise check out the website for much more detailed information:


Avila, CA Wedding Shoot { Danielle and Patrick }

Danielle & Pat, what a couple. They looked great today. Their sweet friend Ron, an amazing dentist had an exotic selection of classic and new cards. We picked our fav's, the retro classics and shot with them. I was a kid in a candy store, I could have spent all day shooting. But they would have missed their ceremony and that would not have been very swell. The girls had a blast in the Pink Caddy.
Avila Wedding Shoot

Pat had a good group of guys, they were up for some creativity and fun. So we decided to do some Matrix style fighing moves. Pretty easy to choreograph, Pat had the guys jealous over this move. I was impressed as well. Nice job Pat. (this is straight out of the camera, no photoshop)
Wedding Shoot at Avila Beach

Shot this with a fisheye, but this 57 Corvette was in pristine condition. Nothin' like driving restored old cars for fun before your wedding.
Wedding Shoot at Avila

Later we headed over to Scyamore and shot some of the group. This is a favorite spot of P&D.
Avila Wedding Photography

I love how Pat made Danielle laugh. I think that is something every guy loves. To make his woman laugh. This could be a barometer of your marriage. Its so simple but when your having fun, life gets a bit more simple and regardless of the ups and downs, when you can have a good time, it says a lot about your resilience to be positive, and uplifting to other around you.
Avila Wedding Photographs

Wedding Couple Photography
Leaving for the reception..

Wedding Photographer in Avila and a 57 Corvette
I jumped into the back of the "birdsnest" seat and snapped a few of these shots. It was so much fun back there.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Windansea, San Diego

Day 2 of our "weekend" retreat with my wife. Both Rachel and I used
to live here at the same time years ago(unknown to each other), and I
used to surf this spot every day with the guys we grew up with from
Danville. Man those were the days where we worked just enough to take
care of gas, food and rent. When gas was $1.39 a gallon. Today we
surfed Blacks and here, windansea in La Jolla. We had lunch at "the
cottage". What a sweet spot! Today was so relaxing surfing, talking
hanging out with my wife(like when we were dating), reading the word,
our newest favorite book "Jon Courson:Application Commentary". It's a
sweet book, id highly reccomending you check it out. It's really been
inspiring our lives in a real way that impacts our marraige, my day to
day joy in my life, and my perspective in the light of eternity.
Putting the right things on my mind. I feel it equips me to be a
better husband, business leader and simplified life and it's ups and
downs. Have a marvelous day....

Monday, August 04, 2008

Good morning it's Monday

There is nothing better than paddling out on a clean warm Monday
morning. Today is my weekend and I'm spending it with my with wife
on the beach surfing and chilling. Trestles is probably my fav spot
to surf and I miss it here. It is SO beautiful today. Enjoy your