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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vineyard Engagement Shoot { Marcus & Liz }

Meet Marcus & Liz, Marcus is a rancher, and Liz a viticulture expert. What better location to shoot than in the Santa Inez/San Luis Obispo County wine country area. Fall colors out here are stunning and I wish I could have paused this light and shot forever! Thanks guys for an amazing shoot!

vineyard engagement photos
This is a secret vineyard that nobody knows about and there is a ominous looking chain guarding the road.
vineyard engagement photos
I love sitting on the job. Always a different perspective.
vineyard engagement photos

vineyard engagement photos

vineyard engagement photos
It was great to hear Liz teach Marcus what she did and what she was looking for as she inspects grape vines in her day to day work on the vineyard.
napa vineyard engagement photos
Meet Liz, a vine expert.
engagement photograph, san luis obispo

engagement photographer san luis obispo
Meet Marcus, he is a hard working cattle rancher. Don't mess with him. But he's cool. We had fun shooting and I totally was digging his "what are you looking at", look.
engagement photographer san luis obispo

Best engagement photography, san luis obispo
They had fun, too much fun at times, and this was telling of their relationship, and how much fun they have together.
engagement photography, san luis obispo
They love to fish, and we shared many fish stories, so it was fitting to see them with their poles and dreaming about the next fishing trip and the all famous fishing stories.
san luis obispo engagement photography

san luis obispo engagement photography

Best engagement photography, san luis obispo
Piggy back rides are good for your health if your a married couple. Good for the relationship too.
san luis obispo engagement photography

san luis obispo engagement photographer

san luis obispo engagement photography san luis obispo

san luis obispo engagement photography san luis obispo
Then there was their dog. He loved chasing balls and running around.
Lifestyle Photography

I loved this shoot and am looking forward to their wedding in a few months!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Photobooth Experience

Today we photographed The Photobooth Experience or @boothexperience for twitter followers at several locations and finished with a shoot at Dolphin Bay. The sunset was amazing!
The Photobooth Experience

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Big Sur Trees & Sun Engagement Shoot {Mike & Jeanine}

Mike & Jeanine are getting married at the Highlands Inn in beautiful Carmel Ca. So what better than to shoot in the middle of one of the most amazing places on earth, AND coincidentally its their favorite place too! We headed up the coast after thanksgiving to meet them. The light, and cool fall colors were breathtaking.
Engagement shoot, taking advantage of the fall colors
They spend a lot of time being involved with YMCA, so they sported their "rags".
Engagement Shoot, in their YMCA apparel

Engagement Shoot black & white

Engagement Shoot, Mike & Jeanine in the trees
Since we had early fall rains, the clovers were out and we got some sweet shots in the redwood trees! I'm always looking for cool textures, backgrounds and things that are NOT normal.
Engagement Shoot, feet in the clover

Engagement Shoot feet in clover
I shot this shot with a 1/20th of a second, walking and panning with them, using a 16-35mm lens, my lens flare/landscape lens
Engagement Shoot, spinning feet in the clover
Sunset times are the time of day I cannot get enough of.
Engagement Shoot, Mike & Jeanine at the beach at sunset

Engagement Shoot, sunset montage
No really, they were this much fun, and I can't help having fun with people who are having fun. Which is exactly what they wanted recorded of them, the story of them having fun being themselves!
Engagement Shoot, sunset piggy-back ride

Engagement Shoot, black & white, holding hands
Craggled trees, perfect backdrop, middle ground for this sweetness.
Engagement Shoot, graggled trees

Engagement Shoot, dusk

Engagement Shoot, sporting warm jackets

Engagement Shoot, on the road at dusk

The end... of the shoot, but the beginning of their lives being recorded amazingly and forever they will have something that will remind them of why they enjoy each other. This is who they are and how much fun they have. Thanks guys for a great day!

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