Get prepared for 2010. This is going to be a full 2 hours of intense information sharing and great practical things to apply to your life, business and art. 2010 is going to be a defining and refining year for photographers, as the demand for excellence is going to go up and at the same time, our production must get faster and we must compartmentalize our business, our personal life and ensure success in both areas. DON’T have a lukewarm business!

We are going to also do a mini night casual portrait session shoot with some cool new gear I got.

I’m super excited to share my passion for what helped us have a great year in 2009 and Its my hope that this would equip you and gear you up for an amazing 2010, where you have freedom and success.

Freedom happens when you choose to do whats right, right now. To achieve greater success than you have right now, requires doing things your not currently doing right now. Bring a friend and be ready for good times.

The presentation schedule is here!


Winter 2010 Pictage Speaking Tour





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