Drew and Cassie like to take one Friday a month off to spend the day together enjoying the Central Coast and wine tasting at all the local wineries. Drew set up a special surprise one Friday though and had prepared an secret engagement hangout(or just a date as he would have said) at Hammersky Vineyards. He then proposed the question to her and she accepted, and they spent the weekend relaxing, enjoying life and getting ready to plan the beginning of forever together.

A few weeks later, when deciding on a location for their engagement session HammerSky was an obvious yes! After working with them on the style and vibe of their shoot, we came up with a storyboard and his electric guitar was a for sure deal, working for Ernie Ball, you bet Drew has a passion for music & instruments, designing guitars for Ernie Ball. It was fascinating listening to them and getting to know this couple. I really am looking forward to their wedding!

I first shot Hammersky in October for the golden fall colors and fell in love this this little cabin in the rollings hills out in west Paso Robles area.  I highly recommend taking a trip out there.

Can you just feel how cool this place is, I love the style of the land here.

Despite the rain that day, it was green and warm.

Um the ladder to shoot this shot was super rickety and I was close to falling, BUT, it was SO worth it!

Being a musician myself(see my new facebook profile pic), I was pretty amped on this guitar (no pun intended).

the end.  Of this shoot, that is, but not of how cool this story is gonna be to tell & unfold.  Rock on guys, see you around town and in a few months at your wedding!


Drew & Cassie

Engagement Shoot

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