Last February at WPPI 2010, the big Photography convention, I was approached by Ginny Corbett who invited  Jody & Zach Gray & I to breakfast.  After connecting and chatting, Ginny shared with us the opportunity to collaborate on a really sweet new workshop series in the snowy hills of Oregon.  I LOVE the pacific northwest in the winter, especially in.  Log cabins, winter white snow dustings covering bursting green evergreens and streams gushing with water.  Simple peace and quite in the mountains with warm fireplaces and good friends. Scarfs and sleds.  Cooking nights where we make fresh organic & healthy food from scratch! (I’m a big foodie).  Shooting outside for hours, creating a new inspiration in a peaceful and quite outdoor setting.  All of this makes me really excited.

Here we are presenting a fresh new perspective to the freedom we can create in our lives as photographers to better serve our clients.  Everything I’m passionate about; my love for this art, the creativity process, the talent God has blessed me with, developing friendships & relationships with those I capture and how I continue to strive to master my craft, these and more I’ll be sharing with those who attend during this opportunity to gather for a week in November (11/1-11/5)  So if you want to be more grounded in your faith, have vision, purpose, and perspective for your work life and spiritual life, gain a fresh and new passion for your work, then I invite you to check this out and find out if its right for you.

Registration starts today, June 1st 2010! More details on the website located  here! Or to register here!


For the Love


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