A few months ago I 1st photographed Matt & Alison  for their casual portrait session. Their wedding was designed by Laura Robertson and the Floral Stylist was Livia & Joanne from the Green Vase.  Livia is a contributor to the beautiful Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine.  So I knew this event was going to be fabulous.  The venue they chose was the historic family owned boutique Thacher Winery.

This barn has fascinating history that dates back almost one hundred hears.  The “KR” on the barn is a well-known landmark of old time Paso Robles. The Kentucky Ranch, winery, vineyard and gardens was part of a 4,000 acre Spanish Land Grant until 1869 after which it became a thriving horse breeding operation. The ranch includes the 1920’s KR barn, outbuildings,  farmhouse, barley fields and riparian habitat for deer, coyotes, bobcats, turkeys and the occasional mountain lion. The vineyard was planted in Spring of 2007, it consists of zinfandel and petite syrah, some of my favorite blends.  The Controlled Chaos and Reserve Zin are among my favorites of the varietals they offer.

Their theme was “lucky horseshoes”.  Everything they planned was very unique and original.  From the custom micro brewed Firestone Walker “World Tour” beer that Matt brewed especially for his wife, to the individual pies in mason jars from which guests could choose from apricot, peach, strawberry and olalieberry, with a fresh “pie cookie” on top with whipped cream.  The guests were continually surprised with originally crafted & planned elements!  Livia designed a wildflower floral theme and Laura crafted their horseshoe theme throughout with the guest place cards to the invitations.

The entire wedding day was a beautiful blend of warmth, sunshine,  paired with a cool afternoon breeze nestled in the valley alongside Vineyard road.  They chose a tasty palette of local farmed & caught produce, beef and seafood.   Both bands they chose were perfect pairing for the ceremony and reception.  Alison had a great pair of Frye boots that fit her perfect, as well as matched the colors of her wedding.  Alongside their details they included much of the horse theme with the historic awards and medals that were won over the years.

Ten hours on June 25th could not contain all the memories and smiles that Matt, Alison & friends wished never ended because the intimate moments with family and friends all together celebrating a joyous perfect day.  As the sun set, the warmth continued to radiate from the ground, and from the faces of everyone as the festivities went into the late night.  What a perfect day.


{Matt + Alison}





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