Part 2.  We then ventured into the highway 46/Paso Robles region. We did a little bit of exploring off road, and into adventurous territory.  The direction of the light and surrounding oaks provided the perfect backdrop along the country roads for these shots.  The warmth of the evening and the stillness of the air was […]

Banjo + Beverly part II

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Some of the most famous roads in this country are made famous by their shopping, such as Miracle Mile, Santana Row and 5th Avenue, but this region road is famous in my world because of its diverse beauty.  Dotting this region are hundred year-old oak trees that bring coolness to the summer hear.  Farms with […]

Chris + Jana

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This is the story of a wine aficionado and the brewmaster for Firestone Beer.  These two great people who love the central coast, entertaining friends, Firestone beer, Linne Calodo fine wines, smiles, and who cherish laid back times of enjoying each other and exploring the beautiful wine country region here.  This is part 1 of […]

Matt + Allison

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