Every year our wonderful team at Mike Larson, Inc has grown.  We are a tight-nit family and have grown so close to each other this year.  As the leader of the team, I’m proud of them.  They do most of the work that goes on in our studio and deserve most all of the credit. […]

Merry Christmas & thank you to everyone…

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I shot Lauren Christensen’s wedding in 2007 and when we shot her sister Chelsea’ wedding last summer we reconnected and I was stoked to hear about her vintage bridal hairpeice company, Lobomeme, that she had spearheaded! Last week we got to coordinate on a much anticipated shoot for her new spring line. We teamed up with our […]

Loboheme Spring Line

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Last week we teamed up with one of our past brides, Lauren Christensen, to coordinate a promo shoot for her spring line of vintage hair pieces for her quickly growing company LoBoheme. More to come on the rest of the fantastic professionals that came together for this shoot, and of course many many more pictures, […]

LoBoheme Teaser

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