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A Southern Texas Wedding | {Taylor + Andria}

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Their Ceremony was touching and they are madly in love.  The history of their family integrity, brought standing ovations at the dinner reception from all the folks gathered to celebrate.  They were the kind of comments everyone would want said about them.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  Taylor and Andria were apart for most of the year preceding their wedding.  Andria was overseas doing humanitarian work.  She has a huge heart for people and it was fascinating and inspiring to hear her talk about her trip.  We got some time the day after with her wonderful family to listen to whats going on in their lives.  Taylor is a man of many talents and was a parachuter in the air force.  Of the grooms I’ve worked with from the military, I’d have to use the term “amazing integrity” to describe them.  Thats always inspiring and beautiful to see these days.  Taylor is going to make a wonderful husband and a great dad someday.

Their southern estate wedding took place in Texas at a beautiful private property.  The entire fall day was a warm and beautiful.  Enjoy these images.  Thank you Taylor & Andria

Paris Portrait, Travel Photography | {Byron + Candice}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love this couple.  Candice & Byron have a very full passport.  So its not a surprise, that while at one of her friends weddings this summer we made plans to shoot in Paris.  When we met up last week, we spent a few hours documenting their travel lifestyle and cruising around to some of their favorite spots in the city. France has been growing on me.  Before, France was just more of an unknown, and trailing in interest behind Italy & Greece.  But I’ve since fallen in love with Paris and the French country.  I’m not sure if it was being able to bike around the entire city and see everything at 10kph, and take it all in on a fresh crisp quiet saturday morning, or it could have been the savory sweet taste of the croissant topped with almonds and powdered sugar with a hot cup of tea to start my morning.  This november has been the warmest on record for a long time in Europe and it felt like early fall weather.  I recommend getting a chance to see and enjoy the food, sites and history of this land.  Enjoy the shoot!

Central Coast, CA Engagement Shoot | {Doobie + Kayla}

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doobie & Kayla love the outdoors.  As long as I’ve known Doobie, his priority for putting his passion of being outside into daily practice has always inspired me.  Myself, an avid outdoor explorer, I would go to the end of the earth to explore, and I’d do it more if I had the time.  Kayla has an equal love and thats one thing that makes this couple great.  They don’t just talk about going on exploring adventures or camping, they do it.  To top that, they are just a fun, genuine and a sweet couple.

As we were doing this shoot, I felt like it was something out of one of my wifes favorite magazines, “Real Simple” or “Sunset Magazine“.  We had a great time enjoying a warm fall day into the dusk hours up in the central coast, south of Big Sur.  This is my quiet retreat area, away from the rest of bustling California, but I’m blessed to be able to shoot here too.

I must add that Kayla was wearing some of Doobie’s sister’s beautiful new Jewelry Line from the North Shore of Oahu, “Washed Up Jewelry  by, Mia Russi – Recently featured in Costal Living Magazine’s September.