I love this couple.  Candice & Byron have a very full passport.  So its not a surprise, that while at one of her friends weddings this summer we made plans to shoot in Paris.  When we met up last week, we spent a few hours documenting their travel lifestyle and cruising around to some of their favorite spots in the city. France has been growing on me.  Before, France was just more of an unknown, and trailing in interest behind Italy & Greece.  But I’ve since fallen in love with Paris and the French country.  I’m not sure if it was being able to bike around the entire city and see everything at 10kph, and take it all in on a fresh crisp quiet saturday morning, or it could have been the savory sweet taste of the croissant topped with almonds and powdered sugar with a hot cup of tea to start my morning.  This november has been the warmest on record for a long time in Europe and it felt like early fall weather.  I recommend getting a chance to see and enjoy the food, sites and history of this land.  Enjoy the shoot!


{Byron + Candice}

Travel Photography

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