Last nights wedding was SO amazing. I love how couples get original and just do something risky. Get married on superbowl weekend in the winter at 8,206 feet in the Mountains above Lake Tahoe. For me, it was 100% worth 12 hours of covering a spectacular group of people, wonderful family, and friends gathering to celebrate Jon & Jessica celebrating their nuptials at High Camp at Squaw Valley Mountain Resort.

It was snowing all day and created an amazing aurora that surrounded them as if a big white fleece blanket of quiet and warmth. That’s one of my favorite things about the snow, it makes everything clean and quiet. Here is Jessica proudly walking towards her bridesmaids a few minutes before the wedding.

Squaw Valley Resort, Lake Tahoe Wedding

Then Later after sunset, at 5:45pm, with almost no light, using my new Canon 1D Mark 4, at ISO 1250, 1/50th, & 1.2, I was able to grab these shots. The only way I was even able to focus was by having my assistant (sweet Rachel) hold up her iphone near their faces and focus on that.

Lake Tahoe Wedding

Thanks to this new gear and some tricks, I was able to get an extra 30 minutes of shooting in. Later at the reception, it was a fun reunion to see 2 other couples we had photographed in the last year there. Near the end of the night our highly anticipated slideshow was about to play and the projector bulb went out, JUST as the DJ cued the soundtrack for the music. I had nothing else to do but pray for the gear to work. God was victorious and everyone was amazed that the “burned out” bulb worked one last time. The slideshow was sweet and was such a hit. Thanks guys for a great night. I’ll be posting more of the images in a few days.


Jon & Jessica


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