Thanks to Pictage, who sponsored the 1st 11 days of 20+ in my “Character Marketing” speaking tour to the Pictage user groups, or PUG’s. It was an open invite however to photographers in each city. Here is Nashville

Pictage Workshop

The Nashville crew here with a wireless flash setup on each side. Simple.


Here is a shot from a friend who was shooting me speaking.
Slide Show

The week earlier I was in Portland, Oregon and met with a sweet group of photographers there.
Pictage Workshop

Eric Farewell’s wife, Nellie was there, they were such a help to me during my shoot in San Francisco and again here in Portland. Great people.

Pictage Workshop
Pictage Workshop

Eric shot these shots of me sharing about character marketing and growing ourselves as much as our art.
Pictage Workshop

The Portland skyline, Here we used the YongNuo wireless transmitters, which powered my Canon 580ex II flashes at 1/128th power.

Same exact settings, just a couple, and you get sweet light.
Pictage Workshop

I stopped in Seattle and this was the 1st day that I was able to speak after 5 days of being on 100% vocal rest. Thanks to everyone who was praying. It was a blessing to be able to share that night!
Mike Speaking

Again, a great group of photographers in Seattle as well.


Here is my view, for 2 hours sharing my heart and experiences. I was blessed to hear people share how they walked away with renewed vision.
Pictage Workshop

Tech specs, 1/5 second, F 1.2, ISO 1000, shot on the ground so the middle ground was limited to the couple standing, the orange clouds are from the city lights.

Couple standing

Here is the view of the photogs surrounding and the flash setup. Simple 1/128th power on the flash heads. I did 11 demos, and 2 weddings on the same batteries before I had to switch them.Pictage Workshop

San Francisco. Thanks to Gene Higa for helping out shooting this shot!

On Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, this is the leftover crowd from the demo shoot we did for the Los Angeles PUG.

Detroit Michigan. All I can say is that it was 13 degrees out! But it was worth flying up and sharing with another great group of photographers here.

This was the 1st stop in the tour in San Diego, thanks to the Youngrens, and the La Vida Crew, they took great care of me.

Pictage Workshop
Near the end of the 1st 3 weeks, about the 1/2 way part of the tour, we stopped at Kevin Swan’s house for the presentation, where we did the camera toss. I should have had my fisheye on for this shot, as in the Camera toss which was a few posts earlier.

Pictage Workshop

I wanted to give a special thanks to Pictage, for sponsoring this, also for Drobo, for giving away a gift certificate, Album Exposure for giving away a year subscription, and to Show-It sites, for giving away a special discounted rate on their AMAZING slideshows and websites for photographers.

Upcoming on the tour are the following cities: Philly, DC, NYC, uptown NYC, Baltimore, Boston, Salt Lake City, Pheonix, Orlando, Miami, Hartford, Chicago, Sacramento, East Bay Area, Vancouver, and maybe Kansas City. I hope to see those of you in those cities coming up. For more info, check out my workshops site.


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