A photo a day.  Thats what I’m doing in 2011, will you join me?  Instagram is a free awesome new app for my iphone where I can easily take a photo and apply cool simple filters and post them online to friends, no clutter of ads like facebook or lots of text to filter through.  Download it here! Just “like” or join the conversation and “comment” on the images and be inspired.  I’ve been super inspired by some of my friends instagram feeds from Jose Villa and The Becker , check their recent instagram images out at; Jose Villa, The Becker.  Below is a shot of me that my wife took Just south of Lake Tahoe on our recent vacation. I’m going to use instagram to show a lot of daily images that inspire me.  I hope to see you there, have an awesome 2011 and I look forward to seeing your photo-a-day.

An Instagram photo a day


Instagram a day in 2011





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