A photo a day.  Thats what I’m doing in 2011, will you join me?  Instagram is a free awesome new app for my iphone where I can easily take a photo and apply cool simple filters and post them online to friends, no clutter of ads like facebook or lots of text to filter through. […]

Instagram a day in 2011

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Every year our wonderful team at Mike Larson, Inc has grown.  We are a tight-nit family and have grown so close to each other this year.  As the leader of the team, I’m proud of them.  They do most of the work that goes on in our studio and deserve most all of the credit. […]

Merry Christmas & thank you to everyone…

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My world has changed, forever.  On the way home from the hospital last night, I heard the song, “Joy to the world” sung by Third day, who has an amazing Christmas album.  That song finally meant more to me, especially with the lyrics, “Joy to the world, the king has come, // let every heart […]

Happy Birthday Hannah!

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