As I drove out from the big city, near Washington DC, I headed out to smaller suburbs, then to more rural tows, and I begin to see spaces between towns, and then mile markers, and times where I thought I may have been lost, only to come up on an intersection that someone would refer to as “turn left at the old red barn”.  This kind of place is where you despite the tourist feeling entering in, once you meet a friendly neighbor passing by, you feel like a local.

As I drove south, deeper into Virginia and past the big college and towards the Appalachian mountains, the hills started to look more tuscan and a few of the 154 vineyards passed by on the drivers side.  I felt at home.

Chase & Jaime stumbled upon the 400 acre Keswick Estate whose land grant dates back to 1727.  The beautiful historic home built in 1911 is rich with history dating from the colonial and revolutionary days.

Chase & Jaime are a genuine and dynamic couple from the middle of the country.  from their shoot earlier this spring in Boulder, Colorado.  I learned a lot about them.  Chase is a youthful, energetic and very caring guy.  He makes you feel like family, which is what everyone invited felt like.  I love how Chase makes you feel loved.  Jaime is his sweet wife.  She is timeless, distinct and thoughtful.  The one thing I must include about this couple is they love to laugh.

The humidity and slight cloud cover made for a beautifully warm day with amazing light.  It was a perfect blend.

Here we were prepping for the 1st look along the entrance to the estate.  Such a beautiful old fence and these trees must have been a few hundred years old as well.

Ever since I had my little daughter, I have been thinking about what it must feel like for a father to take your daughter whom you are so proud of down the isle. Jaime is such a great person and her father raised her well.

What a beautiful setting!  I snuck up to get this vantage point which took much effort and secrecy so that I was undetected.

The vintage style tent with bistro lights was a great setting for the reception in the middle of the vineyard.

You guys are wonderful.  Thank you for including me on this marvelous day.



Chase + Jaime


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