Over the last few years I’ve been searching for the perfect wedding book that doesn’t say “wedding” when sitting on a coffee table.  I didn’t want something trendy, however, something refined and unique.  The feeling when you order something custom and its a one-off.

Since I could not find anything that existed to my liking, I decided to connect with KISS books and pitch them on collaborating on a custom book.  We would source everything and put together a refined book for those who are most discerning about the look of what they wanted.

All my travels to Italy have inspired this book.  I wanted to have something timeless, classy, hand crafted, unprocessed, that has a fine art feel to match the work I’m producing now.

After 8 months of searching, sourcing, and being very picky to get all the elements perfect, I am proud to present the Tuscan Kiss, the final product of the joint project between Kiss and myself.   Every aspect of this book is new and different.

I’ve been able to show my couples these books now for the last 4 months and with the 5 leather choices available, everyone has found a perfect fit for their wedding photographs to be curated in the story of their wedding day.

I’m thankful for Kiss who collaborated on the project, and all those who helped us refine this down to what we finally decided on.



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The Tuscan Kiss Wedding Book





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